Chroma Unveils Next-Generation Bidirectional DC Power Supplies: 45kW @ 4U High Power Density and 8x Wide-Range Output

02 Jul 2024

Chroma is excited to announce the release of its next-generation bidirectional DC power supply, model 62450D-2000HL, delivering gamechanging single-unit power density of 45kW in a 4U high form factor. In an industry-first, the 62450D-2000HL enables one-key switching between two output ranges within a single unit, effectively providing the output range of two units in one. Users can easily switch between the high voltage (2000V/±60A/±45kW) and high current (650V/±180A/±45kW) range with a single touch, offering up to 8x wider output range capabilities to meet the testing needs of a diverse array of devices under test (DUT).

Chroma's innovative power supply design integrates two output ranges in a single unit, enabling seamless switching and eliminating the need for different equipment for different DUT specifications. Taking the power conversion systems in electric vehicles as an example, bidirectional on-board chargers (BOBC) typically have power ratings of 11kW and 22kW, battery platforms incorporate 400V and 800V, and the wide output-voltage range of AC-DC charger modules is also trending towards higher power. To address these testing requirements, it was previously necessary to have separate bidirectional power supply equipment for high voltage and high current applications. Now, the Chroma 62000D-HL model effectively acts as two units in one with its dual-output range capability, helping users save testing system space and cost while improving equipment utilization.


The dual output range of the Chroma 62000D-HL model can be switched with a single touch on the front panel touchscreen or remotely via a single command. In automated test equipment (ATE) in production lines, a single 62000D-HL unit can achieve dual-range operation by using the switch command to select between the High and Low output ranges. After switching, users can continue with the test program without needing to manually disconnect or reconnect bridging fixtures at the output terminals, ensuring a seamless testing process and eliminating risks associated with manual installation.


The next-generation bidirectional DC power supply 62450D-2000HL not only sets a new industry benchmark with its single-unit power density of 45kW@4UH, but can also be paralleled in a master-slave configuration to achieve even higher power. The unit's remarkable bidirectional power conversion efficiency of 94% effectively reduces heat loss in factory environments. During load operation, it efficiently recycles electrical energy back to the grid, contributing to energy saving, carbon reduction, and cost saving goals.

Inheriting the user-friendly and bidirectional features of the 62000D family, the 62450D-2000HL model integrates support for bidirectional Source & Load mode, Source mode, Load mode, advanced battery simulation (standard), and solar array simulation (optional). The 62000D-HL model is also compatible with Chroma's 62000D SoftPanel software for convenient remote operation.

For more information on the features and specifications of the Chroma 62000D-HL bidirectional DC power supply, please visit our official website linked below and leave your requirements and contact information. We will be happy to serve you.


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