Bidirectional DC Power Supply Model 62000D Series

  • CE Mark
  • Rohs 2 Compliant
  • Taiwan Excellence 2023
Key Features
  • Voltage rating: 0~100V/600V/1200V/1800V
  • Current rating: 0~540A
  • Power rating: 6kW/12kW/18kW
  • Two-quadrant operation: source and load functions
  • High power density: 18kW in 3U
  • Easy master/slave parallel & series operation*1 up to 540kW
  • Wide range of voltage & current combinations in constant power
  • Auto sequencing programming
  • Voltage & current slew rate control
  • High speed transient response <1.5ms
  • Low output noise and ripple
  • Intuitive and user-friendly touch control screen
  • Standard USB/LAN/APG interfaces, optional CAN/GPIB interfaces
  • 3-phase 4-wire universal AC power: 200~480 Vac
  • Solar array simulation function (optional)

      *1: 100V/600V models support series operation.
           1200V/1800V models support parallel operation up to 540kW.

➥ Graphical User Interface - SoftPanel

Chroma 62000D programmable bidirectional DC power supplies provide both power source and load characteristics. These two quadrant power supplies allow power from the DUT to be converted back to the utility grid and so are ideal for testing renewable energy power systems such as PV, storage, and EV inverters as well as a wide range of bidirectional power conditioning system (PCS) and may also be used as a battery simulator. 62000D has applications in testing power components in electric vehicles as well as bidirectional on-board chargers (BOBC), bidirectional DC converters, and DC-AC motor drivers and can perform power conversion tests of Li-ion batteries in both charge and discharge directions.

To illustrate the 62000D unique capabilities, traditional DC power supplies need protection diodes to back EMF during motor testing does not damage the source. However, the 62000D bidirectional DC power supplies can drive the motor and also efficiently regenerate EMF to the grid, thereby avoiding the need for blocking diodes while saving space, energy, and configuration. In addition, the fast cross-quadrant bandwidth of the 62000D provides a transient response time of less than 1.5ms (-90% to +90%).

62000D bidirectional DC supplies include 9 different models with industry-leading power density at 18kW in 3U of vertical rack space. Model range from 6kW to 18kW, output current ratings up to ±540A, and voltage ratings up to 1800VDC. The master/slave feature allows for up to 10 models to be paralleled easily and safely up to 180kW.

62000D series is equipped with 100 programmable user settings through the unit's List Mode. The fast response time fills many testing needs, including the LV123 and LV148 standards required for new energy vehicle components. When combined with the Chroma SoftPanel, the user can conduct the complex tests with simple clicks of the mouse.

62000D family of power supplies can easily be used in any region of the world due to its wide input range of 200-480 Vac and an active PFC low-current harmonic feed to grid, reducing power consumption, power system configuration, and ambient temperature changes under high-power testing. Control options include digital USB, LAN, CANbus, GPIB as well as analog APG interfaces.

Power Conversion Testing of Electric Vehicles and Microgrid Storage

Renewable energy sources such as PV, EV, fuel cell, and battery are the market trend as the replacement of traditional energy sources (coal, oil, etc.). Yet, the subsequent rising need for electricity will actuate the faster commercialization of distributed energy storage in microgrids. The bidirectional design of power conversion devices urges battery applications to achieve high efficiency, high voltage conversion, and high power density direction, which prompts the need for battery simulation (bidirectional power supply) testing designs.


Two-In-One: Bidirectional DC Power Supply and Load

Chroma's 62000D has a bidirectional switch-mode power supply design that offers two-quadrant operation with positive current/positive voltage as well as negative current/positive voltage, enabling both DC power supply output and regenerative DC load. The absorbed energy feeds back to the grid with a conversion efficiency up to 93% and can operate in constant voltage, constant current, and constant power modes. Compared to traditional power supply and load, the 62000D two-in-one bidirectional DC power supply saves space, reduces energy loss and heat dissipation, and is easier to wire and configure.

2 in 1

With the current evolution of electric cars, their on-board chargers are controlled through back and forth energy supply to V2G (Vehicle to Grid), V2L (Vehicle to Load), and V2H (Vehicle to Home). The regenerative load modes of the 62000D models include constant current (CC), constant voltage (CV), and constant power (CP) and simulate battery charging activity during developing and testing of the car. Where conventional methods needed one apparatus for DC power supply and another for regenerative DC load, one single Chroma 62000D can now fulfill both charging and discharging tests on its own.

testing setting

▲Bidirectional on-board charger testing configuration

High Voltage 1800V PCS Testing

A power conditioning system (PCS) serves to realize bidirectional power conversion between the battery system and the grid with the terminal battery voltage of the newest devices reaching up to 1500V and having a charge/discharge function, active power control, reactive power regulation, and off-grid switch. A common issue for users is how to prepare an actual high voltage battery for testing the charge/discharge transition (with a standard <100ms) performance of this PCS and it is impossible to use R&D verification and manufacture with fast reproducibility, controllability, and safety. The high voltage 62180D-1800 (1800V/40A/18kW) model can be connected in parallel to reach 540kW/1800V/1200A, so replacing the real battery simulation as power supply or regenerative power load to carry out this charge/discharge transition with a seamless switch.


High Transient Response < 1.5ms

Chroma 62000D allows seamless current conversion between the two quadrants of supply and electrical load without changing the output characteristics or causing damage. To use this in many bidirectional DC-DC and DC-AC battery charge/discharge tests requires very fast charge/discharge conversion. To increase this transient responsiveness, the 62000D bidirectional DC power supply has a high speed transient response time of less than 1.5ms (-90% to +90%) and gives stable voltage output.

Real road situation

▲ Simulation of actual driving conditions

To test the acceleration and braking of the motor driver under driving conditions, the conversion between the battery and power components will encounter supply and recharge of electrical energy. The very fast transient response of the 62000D two quadrants can simulate the battery and convert according to the actual needs of the motor, offering stable voltage and allowing current recharge during braking.

Testing application

▲ Start-stop system motor driver test application

Battery Simulation Function

62000D are bidirectional DC power supplies that can be charged or discharged by an external power source. Therefore, with the operation of software, the 62000D become battery simulators that can simulate operation at different capacity (SOC) or import specific battery characteristics V-I curves. It can evaluate the product under different battery capacities or with different battery characteristics. 62000D is suitable for testing various products such as BOBC, PCS, ESS or motor drivers.

Battery Simulator SoftPanel

Learn more on Model 62000D Series Graphical User Interface - SoftPanel

Testing Standards LV123 and LV148

Along with the global energy efficiency and carbon emission reduction trends, the car industry have established technical development standards for new energy vehicles, which define tests for a variety of electric vehicles. The LV123 guidelines specify the vehicle’s electrical characteristics and safety of high-voltage components, whereas the LV148 standard covers tests for electric and electronic components in 48V electrical system motor vehicles. Chroma 62000D has a high-speed CV dynamic response slope that can be controlled up to 180V/ms, which is applicable to the electrical characteristics tests of many vehicle guidelines. When combined with the Chroma SoftPanel, the user can even conduct the tests at the push of a button.


Learn more on Model 62000D Series Graphical User Interface - SoftPanel

Solar Array Simulation Function (Optional)

Model 62180D-1800 has a built-in EN50530 and Sandia's SAS model that allow user easily program different solar cell I-V characteristic outputs via manual or remote SCPI control. The graphical user interface SAS SoftPanel includes static&dynamic MPPT test、shadowed I-V curve simulation、real world weather simulation and auto run function of static&dynamic MPPT test with generate reports after finished, it is idea for PV inverter design as well as for verification testing.When high power solar array simulation is required, it is common to connect two or more power modules in parallel. The 62180D-1800 with a current range up to 40A and a voltage range up to 1800V offers a high power density envelope maximum of 18kW in a 3U package. It can easily parallel up to 30 units in a Master/Slave configuration to provide 540kW/1800V/1200A for commercial string PV inverter (15kW~500kW) testing.

Safety and AC Fault Protection

Chroma 62000D bidirectional DC power supplies have energy recycling function that returns energy to the grid. The internal protection design serves to identify input voltage and frequency anomalies. When detecting any anomalies, the 62000D will automatically turn off the output to ensure safe use of the grid. The 62000D is set up with OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, Fan Fail, and AC Fault protection circuits. AC Fault protection includes OVP, UVP, Unbalance, Freq. Error, and OCP.


Advanced Ultra-Wide Ootput Range

For testing of 11kW BOBC, taking into consideration maximum current ripple, inrush currents generated during vehicle DC-DC startup, etc., the test equipment must be able to provide approximately 20%-50% current margin beyond the steady-state charging current specifications. Therefore, for models 62120D-1200 and 62180D-1200, Chroma has further enhanced the current capability under ambient temperature conditions and for specific versions, achieving an output range of 1200V/55A/13kW-19.5kW.

For string PV inverter test applications, to cover residential to commercial power needs including 1.5x overdimensioning, the maximum short-circuit current per MPPT channel has been gradually increasing. Facing this equipment demand, the current provided per MPPT channel also gets a boost. For the 62180D-1800 model, the voltage meets the needs of 1100V and 1500V systems, while the current has been enhanced to 55A. Under ambient temperature conditions and for specific versions, the output range reaches 1800V/55A/19.5kW. Please refer to the specification sheets for related conditions.


High Power System Integration

Chroma provides high power system solution from 54kW-540kW/1800V/1200A system integration services, this power system has multiple safety protections (AC Breaker circuit breaker includes overcurrent protection, leakage current detection protection, emergency stop button device, input AC over Voltage, under voltage, OFP, UFP, system over temperature, fan failure, etc.) is suitable for long-term testing and use in R&D and production lines.


Universal AC Power Range 200~480VAC

Chroma 62000D bidirectional DC power supply is equipped with an active PFC >0.97 for low energy consumption and high conversion efficiency. Moreover, to fit the universal AC power input range, the 62000D series has a very wide input power range of three-phase 200Vac to 220Vac and 380Vac to 480Vac inputs. The user can buy one single device without having to configure it for use in other areas.

Remote Interfaces

Chroma 62000D supports various remote interfaces, enabling the user to control the PC through the standard USB and LAN or optional GPIB interfaces. Moreover, the optional CAN interface as frequently used in the automobile industry is compliant with the CAN2.0 A 11-bit and CAN2.0 B 29-bit identifiers and has a V/I/P cycle time of up to 10ms.

User-Friendly Intuitive Control Interface

62000D user interface

Chroma 62000D has a next generation human-machine control interface with an intuitive and user-friendly touch screen. Operation of the apparatus is as easy as using a smartphone, with its intelligent and convenient user interface; through icons on the touch screen, the user can complete any voltage/current settings and measurements, program sequence control settings, preview output waveforms, etc.




The 62000D series can be operated from the front panel controls or from available SoftPanel. This user friendly software includes all functions of the 62000D series and is easy to understand and operate. The 62000D can be controlled via GPIB, USB and Ethernet interfaces for remote control and automated testing applications.

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Bidirectional DC Power Supply

Bidirectional DC Power Supply 100V/180A/6kW

Bidirectional DC Power Supply 600V/40A/6kW

Bidirectional DC Power Supply 100V/360A/12kW

Bidirectional DC Power Supply 600V/80A/12kW

Bidirectional DC Power Supply 1200V/40A/12kW

Bidirectional DC Power Supply 100V/540A/18kW

Bidirectional DC Power Supply 600V/120A/18kW

Bidirectional DC Power Supply 1200V/40A/18kW

Bidirectional DC Power Supply 1800V/40A/18kW

GPIB Interface

CAN Interface

62000D SoftPanel

Optional Solar Array Simulation Function, supports 600V/1200V/1800V models (Factory installation)