Capacitor Test System Model 1820

Key Features
  • High frequency sine wave current: 1kHz~20kHz, 10kHz~200kHz
  • DC bias voltage: 5000V max.
  • Capacitor endurance & temperature rising test
  • Capacitor withstanding current test (frequency sweep)
  • Support with software control
  • Customized test module

By higher withstanding voltage and lower ESR than electrolytic capacitors, the superior load life characteristic of film capacitors are suitable to be applied mainly in green energy industries such as Photovoltaic, Electric Vehicle, and wind power. When applying on circuits, high frequency large current may rise up capacitors' temperature and reduce their usable life. If the current withstanding and heat dissipation are not well-structured in the internal circuit, capacitors can even be burned. Therefore, observe the temperature rising characteristic under actual working condition is the best way to evaluate the endurance and reliability of film capacitors. It is also the verification and analysis capabilities that the capacitor manufacturers must have.

Chroma 1820 ia able to provide the test condition of adding high frequency AC current on DC high voltage that DC bias voltage can up to 5kV and AC current frequency is from 1kHz ~ 20kHz/10kHz to 200kHz with 1kVA/2kVA maximum output power. It measures the multi-point temperature accurately by 8-channel temperature data logger. In addition to the standard test modules available for choosing, we also provide the customized module evaluation and design service for the requirements of mass current test applications. The control software specially developed for this system can set the test conditions, record the test data, provide the test report, and reflect the change of temperature rising by showing the real-time temperature curve.

By the function design of the software, Chroma 1820 can not only do the long-time temperature rising test based on users' setting test condition, but also increase or decrease the AC current and switch the test frequency by product temperature rising situation for evaluating the maximum withstanding current under different application frequencies. Whatever characteristic improvement and evaluation for product research & development, or quality verification and check for IQC, Chroma 1820 is the best platform to analyze the endurance and reliability of capacitors.

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Capacitor Test System

Programmable HF AC Tester

Capacitor Leakage Current/IR Meter 800V

Thermal/Multi-function Data Logger 8CH

HF Current Step-up Module 33V/30A max.

HF Voltage Step-up Module 1kV/1A max.

HF Voltage Step-up Module 2.5kV/400mA max.