Full Range Active Thermal Control Handler Model 3110-FT

  • CE Mark
Key Features
  • Suitable for final test
  • Temperature test from -40~125˚C
  • Support chip package size from 3x3 mm to 45x45 mm
  • Up to four output trays
  • Remote control operation
  • Yield monitoring function
  • Intelligent auto retest & auto retry
  • Real-time tray status
  • Able to integrate with Chroma hybrid chiller
  • Support TSD control
  • Best engineering platform for testing tri-temp characterization
  • Max UPH : Up to 500 pcs
  • Contact force control from 1 to10 kg(option)
  • Support socket temperature compensation module (STCM)
  • Support system level test (SLT) (option)

The Chroma 3110-FT is an innovative pick & place system ideal for characteristics evaluation, development, and IC final test.

The system is capable of handling a vast variety of device types and sizes ranging from 3x3 mm to 45x45 mm. To further increase productivity, the 3110-FT offers an optional remote control function allowing operating the handler from any location via an internet connection. The 3110-FT also comprises soaking buffer that can improve the testing cycle time and throughput. Equipped with two auto output tray stacks and two manual output trays, the 3110-FT can maximize the loading and unloading capacity to save the cost and time all within a 1.4 m² floor space.

When integrated with Chroma Hybrid Chiller & TEC controller, the 3110-FT can control not only case temperature but also junction temperature when performing tri-temp test.

The 3110-FT can be configured to support virtually any industry standard communication interface and provide different docking options for various testers. It is also capable of supporting thermal test environments from -40˚C t o 125˚C which ensures the durability of devices. With a user-friendly graphic interface and quick device change setup, it makes the changeover short and easy further increasing flexibility and productivity.

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Full Range Active Thermal Control Handler