Graphical User Interface - SoftPanel Model 63200A

Key Features
  • User-defined waveform and auto sweep function
  • Battery discharging and sine wave loading for battery tests
  • High-speed and accurate measurements
  • Program function supports 100 sets of changes
  • Supports GPIB/USB/Ethernet/CAN communication interfaces

Chroma launched the 63200A high-power, high-performance electronic load in response to the ever-increasing output capacity of server power supplies, switching power supplies, EV batteries, and DC charger stations to several kilowatts. The many convenient and practical functions meet the testing needs of various types of power products, such as on board chargers, server power supplies, energy storage systems, etc.

The SoftPanel provides convenient and intuitive operation of the Chroma 63200A.

This software supports up to ten electronic loads and connects via USB, GPIB, Ethernet, and CAN.

Although 63200A is a standalone instrument, it can be connected in parallel or load synchronously through system I/O, and can also be set and operated through the SoftPanel.

  • Static function: Users can directly change the operating mode and the set values through the software. After loading, the SoftPanel will display the voltage/current/power values in real time, and can use the Report Generator for recording.
  • Dynamic function: 63200A can opt for either CC Dynamic or CR Dynamic. Both can use the SoftPanel to directly set and operate, and similarly can use the Report Generator for recording.

Static Function

Dynamic Function

  • Sine function: Users only need to set the operating frequency, DC bias and AC amplitude to let 63200A perform sine wave loading. This function can be applied to fuel cells or energy storage batteries, using sinusoids to calculate the internal resistance of the battery.
  • Sweep function: The dynamic sweep function allows users to quickly scan two load currents and multiple frequency changes. After the test is completed, the SoftPanel will display the frequency points at which Vpk+ and Vpk- respectively have occurred.

Sine Function

Sweep Function

  • OCP function: Based start current, end current, dwell time, and step current settings, 63200A will check whether any OCP has occurred and whether the occurrence point is within the specifications. The SoftPanel will display this data once the test is completed.
  • Charger function: The electronic load will serve as a battery to test the charger. Users can choose whether to use CV first and then switch to CC mode for testing, and through the upper and lower specifications observe whether the DUT stays within the specifications.

OCP Function

Charger Function

  • Battery function: The electronic load will use a load condition for battery discharge testing and users can determine the load and cut-off conditions. When testing, the SoftPanel will display the present voltage, current, and power values. After the test is completed, the software will display the test time and calculate the AH and WH results.
  • Digitizing function: This function can digitally sample one voltage and current data record per 2μs and can store up to 15,000 voltage and current data records. The software display lets users obtain the voltage and current waveforms and can set the trigger method to either Load ON or Load OFF in order to obtain voltage changes.

Battery Function

Digitizing Function

The Load ON trigger (below) can be used to check the voltage variations when the dynamic load changes.

  • Program function: Different from general dynamic load mode (CCD) that can only change two load currents, the Program function of 63200A can edit 100 sets of load currents, and the shortest dwell time is 0.1msec. The Program function easily completes multiple sets of current changes and even multiple sets of power changes.

According to the test conditions, users can edit the operation mode and setting values of each step/sequence.

  • UDW function: The user-defined waveform function allows users to define the preferred load current waveform for loading.

Use an oscilloscope to capture the current waveform to be restored, and save it in CSV format.

Next, use the SoftPanel to import this current data into 63200A.

Press the Load ON button, then 63200A will load according to the load current waveform.

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Graphical User Interface - SoftPanel