Li-Battery Cycle Test Automation System Model 5603-K001

Key Features
  • Chroma's patented floating variable fixture design can absorb the tolerance of battery thickness and provides convenient maintenance
  • Equipped with CO2, temperature, and smoke sensors
  • Compliant with various international test standards (IEC, GB/T, USABC)
  • High-precision output and measurement < 0.015% of F.S. 
  • Fast current response < 100 µS 
  • Fast data logging < 10 mS
  • Flexible sampling recording (Δt, ΔV, ΔI, ΔQ, ΔE)
  • Channel parallel output < 1200A
  • High efficiency charge and discharge with low heat generation
  • Energy recycling during discharge (bidirectional regenerative series)
  • Waveform simulation function (current/power mode)
  • Built-in DCIR test function


Chroma 5603-K001 Li-Battery Cycle Test Automation System offers high-precision automated testing of soft-packing lithium battery cells for use throughout product development, quality control, and pilot production.

In addition to the commonly used test modes, such as CC, CC-CV, CP, CP-CV, CV, CR, and Rest, Chroma 5603-K001 also provides waveform simulation test functions to execute the test items of various international test standards. The semi-automatic design improves consistency during the test process. Users can edit test programs and monitor test results remotely. With high efficiency, power saving, and low heat generation while taking stable measurements, the test system helps to keep carbon emissions low for sustainable production in a green economy.

Chroma 5603-K001 has data protection functions to securely store the data to a nonvolatile memory in case of a power outage or disconnection. This will prevent potential data loss and allows the test system to resume testing after reboot.

Since safety is crucial for testing lithium-ion battery cells, Chroma 5603-K001 is designed with a number of safety protections. Before starting, a contact check and polarity check avoid testing under poor connection. During testing, besides the preloaded hardware circuit protection, users can customize the firmware to detect overvoltage (OVP), overcurrent (OCP), overcapacity (OQP), voltage/current variations (ΔV / ΔI), loop resistance, and other anomalies to safeguard the lithium-ion battery cells. The system is equipped with sensors that detect smoke, temperature, and CO2 sensors for maximum protection and reliability.

Chroma has sales and services offices located across the world to provide maintenance, troubleshooting, and technical support. Chroma's equipment has a proven long lifespan offering years of solid performance (when maintained properly).

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Li-Battery Cycle Test Automation System