LVDS Signal Pattern Generator Card Model 27010P-04+A270154

Key Features
  • VDD offers OCP, OVP, UCP, UVP protection mechanisms
  • VBL offers OCP, OVP, UCP, UVP protection mechanisms
  • Communicate with PC through a RS-485 cable
  • Burn-in (aging test) log can record the V/I measurement values and machine status of the burning-process in detail
  • Signal complies to the LVDS specifications and standards
  • Supports 1, 2, 4 CH LVDS output
  • Configurable to 6, 8, 10 bits
  • VDD provides over voltage/current protection
  • Output design is provided with ESD protection devices

27010P-04 is a signal module and is primarily used for burn-in aging tests. 27010P-04 can be used with a PC through a RS-485 cable and offers a Panel for operating burn-in. 

A270154 is a LVDS signal module board and complies with the LVDS specifications. A270154 is used with the main unit 27010P-04 and can be applied to LVDS burn-in testing, providing LVDS Panel standard signals and other related control.

Operation Guideline


  • STEP 1 Connect the Signal/VDD/VBL cable.
  • STEP 2 Connect one end of the RS-485 cable to the main unit PC, connect the other end to the hub (A270107).
  • STEP 3 Connect the DC power (16V). Then turn the POWER ON.

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LVDS Signal Pattern Generator Card