Multi-Functional Optical Profiling System Model 7505-01

Key Features
  • Specially designed for Panel Level Packaging, applications like TSV/VIA, RDL, Probe Mark, Surface Topography...etc.
  • 1D, 2D and 3D measurement capabilities
  • Equipped with film measurement function (1D) to do non-destructive film thickness measurement when penetrating reflection measurement is in use
  • Perform 2D defect measurement via high resolution line scan camera to check for bubbles, scratches and foreign objects
  • Use white light interferometry to perform 3D Profile measurement, like surface measurement such step height, included angle, area, dimension, thickness, wave, film thickness and smooth level 
  • Equipped with electric nose gear that can carry various kinds of objective lens for switch use via program control
  • Problem fixing algorithm for dark dots and boundary error 
  • Modular design on measurement needs and budget considerations with selection of parts
  • Measurement range covers 700 mm x 900 mm (smaller size is available as per request)
  • User friendly interface with simple graphic control system and 3D pattern display 
  • Automatic fast self calibration capability to ensure the system measurement ability 

Chroma 7505-01 is the newest multi-function optical inspection system that equips with the capability of measuring 1D, 2D and 3D at the same time. Penetrating reflection measurement is used for 1D film thickness measurement to measure the non-destructive film thickness on transparent and translucent material. The 2D measurement can perform horizontal scan using High-resolution line scan camera and computer controlled platform with measurement range up to 700mm x 900mm. In the mean time, the stage has vacuum suction capability that can suck the soft display such as touch panel, e-paper and AMOLED to form a flat plane. This system is applicable for various micro nano level and large scale measurements. The 2D defect measurement is able to detect the flaws of bubbles, scratches and foreign objects. The 3D measurement function can analyze the height and depth of 2D defects which was not available in the traditional 2D inspection.

Chroma 7505-01 is able to provide sub-micron 1D, 2D, 3D multifunctional measurements to satisfy the needs of each industry and research unit. For the panel level advanced packaging, the specially designed algorithm and UI for the applications like TSV/VIA, RDL, Probe Mark, Surface Topography, etc., provide the best solutions for improving efficiency and saving cost.

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Multi-Functional Optical Profiling System