Partial Discharge Tester Model 19501-K

Key Features
  • Built-in AC hipot test and partial discharge (PD) detection functions
  • Programmable AC hipot voltage output 0.1kVac~10kVac
  • Up to 0.01μA~300μA high accuracy and high resolution current meter
  • 1pC~2000pC partial discharge detection range
  • High voltage contact check ( HVCC) function
  • Compliant with IEC60747-5-5, VDE0884 and IEC 60270 standards requirements
  • Built-in IEC60747-5-5 testing methods
  • Separate design for measurement and display unit
  • 3 stages of voltage testing function
  • PD measured results display (pC)
  • PD failure count setting (1~10)
  • Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese/English multilingual user interface
  • USB storage for screen capture
  • Graphical editing
  • Standard LAN, USB, and RS232 remote control interface

The Chroma 19501-K Partial Discharge Tester is an instrument equipped with AC hipot test and partial discharge detection functions, providing 0.1kV~10kV of AC output, 0.01μA~300μA of leakage current, and 1pC~2000pC partial discharge detection range for measurement. It is specifically designed for testing high voltage semiconductor components and high insulation materials.

The product design of Chroma 19501-K Partial Discharge Tester is compliant to the IEC60270-1 standard in particular the partial discharge testing requirements for high voltage. It adopts narrowband measuring technology to perform the PD tests, and displays the measured results on the screen with intuitive values (pC) allowing users to clearly understand the DUT (device under test) test result.

In addition to IEC60270-1, the PD tester is also IEC60747-5-5 and VDE0884 compliant. Its embedded IEC60747-5-5 measuring methods can meet the production test requirements of optocouplers, providing a user-friendly operating interface.

When performing high voltage tests on the production line, if the DUT is poorly connected to the test cable, it could result in test failure or skipping. Thus, it is important to make sure the DUT and test cables are well connected. Chroma's unique high voltage contact check (HVCC) uses Kelvin measurement to perform contact tests on the high insulation components with high voltage outputs, concurrently improving the test effectiveness and productivity.

When a solid insulator has air gaps or impurities mixed in the insulating layer, the high electric field strength centered on the air gaps will cause partial discharge under the rated high voltage. The continuous partial discharge will deteriorate the surrounding insulation material, affecting the long term reliability of electrical products and causing safety concerns.

Long-term damage from partial discharge to safety components used in power systems, such as optocouplers, causes the insulation of these components to fail leading to potential hazards. However, the IEC60747-5-5 standard regulates that partial discharge test in the production process (routine test) must be 100% performed, and less than 5pC discharge capacity under the maximum insulation voltage to ensure that partial discharge does not occur during the normal working environment.

The partial discharge tester provides hipot test and partial discharge detection for high insulation withstand components such as high voltage optocouplers, high voltage relays, and high voltage switches to assure quality and reliability.


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