Pattern Generator Card Model 27010P-02+67396

Key Features
  • Support 4 channels and LVDS, TTL, SPI, MCU signals output (each signal power has independent on/off switch)
  • Provide software application to control all test programs and signal power parameters (Timing, Pattern, Power, Program)
  • Support LVDS output bandwidth to 2 link 270 MHz x 4ch
  • Support TTL up to 1366x768 @60Hz
  • Support SPI video mode and command mode
  • Support MCU 6800 Series and 8080 Series Bus Interfaces
  • Support pattern editing and auto/manual mode switch function (able to set lock seconds)
  • Built-in 8G memory for BMP image storage (maximum 100 BMP files with resolutions up to 2560x1600 per file)
  • LED display module to show working status
  • Signal and power in modular design for easy disassembly
  • Output designed with ESD protection elements

The Chroma 27010P-02 is a pattern generator card that has multiple-signal channel output to test the medium and small panel for aging. It has 4 channels of signal and power output when used with the 673XX power module. This card supports LVDS, TTL, SPI, MCU signals and uses Chroma PG Master application to set the Timing, Pattern, Power, Program for panel testing and function verification. It can meet the requirements for testing multiple small and medium sized panels at one time.

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Pattern Generator Card

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