PV Inverter ATS Model 8000

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Key Features

The following introductions of Chroma ATS show some application for PV Inverters. It is a customized system.

The Chroma 8000 ATS is equipped with optimized standard test items for PV inverters (the Unit Under Test), It meets IEEE1547, 1547.1, UL1741, GB/T 19939, NB/T 32004, CGC/GF004/GF035 preliminary test requirements. The user is only required to define the test conditions and specifications for the standard test items to perform the test.

Chroma offers a range of power electronics test solutions for photovoltaic (PV) inverters, including:

1. 62000H-S Series Programmable DC Power Supply: replaces the DC output of solar panels and also features the unique capability to simulate the I-V curve of solar panels. This feature is used to evaluate the performance of PV inverters for maximum power point tracking (MPPT) testing.

2. 61800 Series Regenerative Grid Simulator Power Supply: a dual-purpose instrument that can simulate the grid and serve as an AC load at the same time. It can simulate various voltage and frequency outputs, making it suitable for testing the grid-connected functionality of inverters. For standalone PV inverters, the 61800 series can operate in a four-quadrant AC load mode, simulating capacitive loads with leading phase current or inductive loads with lagging phase current. It can also recycle the output energy during the testing process.

3. 66200 Series Digital Power Meter: can measure various parameters of the output of PV inverters, such as voltage, current, power, power factor, harmonic components of each phase, and total harmonic distortion.

By integrating the instruments with a flexible control software platform, Chroma has developed a complete automatic testing system for PV inverters. Besides research and development, project verification, and regulatory testing, the system is also suitable for high-volume production testing.


Optimized Test Items

The optimized test item covers 5 types of power supply test requirements. The Output Performance test verifies the output characteristics of the UUT. The Input Characteristic test checks the UUT input parameters. Timing & Transient tests the timing and transient states during protection. The Protection TESTS trigger and test the protection circuit, the Special Test provides means to test the most sophisticated UUT when unique test routines are needed.

Output Performances

  1. Output Voltage
  2. Output Current
  3. Output Power
  4. Output Power Factor
  5. EFF (CEC/European/Conversion/Max)
  6. DC injection Current
  7. THD
  8. Current Harmonic Test
  9. Night Time Power Consumption

Input Characteristics

  1. Input Voltage
  2. Input MPPT Voltage
  3. Input Current
  4. Input Power
  5. Input MPPT Power

Timing & Transient

  1. OVP/UVP Trip Time
  2. OFP/UFP Trip Time
  3. Anti-Islanding Trip Time*
  4. Re On-Grid Time

Protection Tests

  1. OV/UV Protection
  2. OF/UF Protection
  3. Anti-Islanding*

Special Tests

  1. MPPT Efficiency
  2. MPPT Time
  3. MPPT Record
  4. RS232/485/CAN communication

*The RLC load is required. This system can test automatically and meet regulations of multiple anti-islanding protection test conditions to save test time. It not only fits R&D and QC, but also very suitable for production line.

 Standard Test Items

  • CEC/European/Conversion Efficiency Test
    (Sandia, EN50530, CGC/GF004:2011)
  • CEC/European/Total Efficiency Test
    (Sandia, EN50530, CGC/GF004:2011)
  • Input Output Test
    (Sandia, EN50530, CGC/GF004:2011, 
  • MPPT Efficiency Test
    (Sandia, EN50530, CGC/GF004:2011)
  • MPPT Voltage Range Test
    (Sandia, EN50530)
  • Current Harmonics Test
    (IEEE 1547 & IEEE 1547.1, UL 1741, CGC/GF004:2001, GB/T 19939)
  • DC Injection Current Test
    (IEEE 1547 & IEEE 1547.1, UL 1741, CGC/GF004:2001, GB/T 19939)
  • OFP/UFP Protection Test
    (IEEE 1547 & IEEE 1547.1, UL 1741, CGC/GF004:2001, GB/T 19939, JETGR0002-1-2.0)
  • OVP/UVP Protection Test
    (IEEE 1547 & IEEE 1547.1, UL 1741, CGC/GF004:2001, GB/T 19939, JETGR0002-1-2.0)

▲ Grid-tied PV inverter testing


▲ Standalone PV Inverter testing

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