RF Solution Integrated Handler  Model 3240-Q

Key Features
  • Cost-effective Integrated RF Solution
  • Customized RF Isolation Chamber with Integrated Tester Docking
  • Up to 120 mm Test Site Pitch
  • Up to x8 Parallel Test Site
  • 3x3mm~45x45mm Package
  • Precise Positioning
  • Compatible with JEDEC and EIAJ tray

The Chroma 3240-Q is a unique and innovative handler with integration of RF/Wireless isolation chamber. The system is configured for up to octalsite with individual isolation for true parallel test. With a streamlined automation sequence, precise Pick & Place system, flexible test site configuration, high throughput and low jam rate, the 3240-Q is ideal for RF/Wireless production test.

The Chroma 3240-Q is also capable of handling various package sizes and types, accurately binning according to customer specified test results. With automatic Input/Output tray stacks, the 3240-Q can accommodate both JEDEC and EIAJ tray standards. Optional temperature control extends the test capability to provide high temperature testing up to 150℃.

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RF Solution Integrated Handler