FPD Tester Model 27014

Key Features
  • Modular interface design for various panel test application
    • One LVDS module (option) + One MIPI, eDP, V-by-One signal module (option)
  • Highly accurate programmable power
    • VDD 2~20V / 10A max, 36W max
    • VBL 2~25V / 20A max, 100W max
    • Real-time voltage / current measurement
    • Programmable power protection function
    • On / off timing programmable
  • Editable timing, pattern and power source for test program combination
  • User friendly edit software available
  • Cross coordinate defect positioning function
  • Bitmap file display function
  • Scrolling pattern display function
  • eDP 1.4 Signal module (Option)
    • Support up to UHD (5K x 3K@60Hz)
    • 6, 8, 10 bit color depth
    • 1.62, 2.16, 2.43, 2.7, 3.24, 4.32, 5.4 Gbps per lane
    • 1, 2, 4, 8 Link
    • 0, 3.5, 6, 9.5 dB pre-emphasis
    • 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 600, 800, 1000mV Swing level
    • PSR1 test function
    • PSR2 test function (Option)

Chroma 27014 Flat Panel Display Tester is a complete testing solution that meets the Liquid Crystal Module testing requirements of a production line. With integrated video generator, multi-channel precision power supply and process control unit, the system allows a complete test of signal, pattern and electrical parameters of LCM through a PC or remote control box.

Software parameter interface allows the adjustments of Timing, Pattern and Power values to match the specifications of the LCM, followed by Program sequence scenario set t ing creat ing a comprehens ive and effortless testing environment. Features of the Chroma 27014 FPD Tester include:

  Testing Program Sequences

Setting the parameters of Turn On/Turn Off, Timing, Pattern and OCP/OVP/UCP/UVP values according to the LCM specifications provides complete and accurate testing conditions.

  Timing and Pattern Editing

With the standard VESA timings and patterns already bui l t into the sys tem, cus tom geometric patterns could easily be created by importing pictures with BMP file format or assembling icons as desired within the software; all is done conveniently with the embedded real-time preview function.

  Programmable Power Module

The built-in programmable DC power source adjusts power to accommodate LCM control chip, driver chip and the backlight module. Real-time readings of voltage and current are displayed and monitored. Its unique design avoids the transmission voltage drop which ensures the measurement accuracy when performing LCM operating status analysis. Each output channel is equipped with over voltage/over current protection and programmable timing relationship for Power On/Off.

  Chroma 27014 System Application Block Diagram

 FPD Master and GO NOGO Software

Chroma 27014 FPD Tester integrates the signal source/power source for LCM patterns and electrical specification tests. It also features user friendly interfaces for Timing, Pattern, Power, Program editing, mouse/keypad for defect logging, system self-test for electricity analysis, and rapid selection for defect types, working altogether reduced the testing time in the production line.

FPD Master Software

  • Easy for Timing, Pattern, Power, Program Editing
  • BMP Picture Playback
  • EDID Read, Write, Compare
  • Cross Coordinate Defect Positioning Function
  • In-Line Process Control and Data Collection
  • Operator Authority Control
  • GO/NOGO Fast Measurement
  • MES Network Management Function (optional)

GO/NOGO Test Screen

  • High efficiency design for operation
  • In-line/off-line mode
  • Power condition display (V, l by 2D)
  • Over range display (OVP, OCP, UVP, UCP)
  • Barcode management
  • Production authority control (Lot No, Model No, ID No, Test Time, Fail Rate, etc.)
  • Operation authority control (Factory, Area, Production Line, Operator, etc.) (optional)

Test Program Edit Screen

  • Timing, Pattern, Power for FPD test
  • Loop function
  • Pre-test function
  • EDID/I2C test function

Power Edit Screen

  • Multi-channel DC source setting
  • OVP, OCP, UVP, UCP setting
  • Vdd, Signal, Vbl On/Off sequence setting
  • Vdd, Vbl, ldd, lbl spec judgement
  • Power sweep setting
  • Real time simulation

 Modular Design

Chroma 27014 FPD Tester adopts compact and modular design that can integrate with the LVDS, eDP, MIPI or V-by-One signal modules as desired for different testing applications. The built-in programmable power modules provide a total solution for testing signals, and are able to control and power a broad range of flat panels.

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FPD Tester

eDP+MIPI Signal Module (Call for availability)

MIPI Signal Module (Call for availability)

eDP 1.3 Signal Module (Call for availability)

V-by-One Signal Module

eDP 1.4 Signal Module

Remote Control Box

LVDS Output Module

MIPI Signal Module

Multi-Channel Power Module