Spotlight on the Next Generation of Semiconductor Test Solutions at SEMICON Taiwan

27 Dec 2021

Chroma will showcase the latest in semiconductor test technology at SEMICON Taiwan 2021. In addition to on-site exhibition of test equipment, Chroma will also join the online Semiconductor Advanced Inspection and Metrology Forum to discuss laser scanning confocal microscopy applied in wafer level optics.

Compound Semiconductor Double-side Inspection Solution
The rapid developments in 5G communication, automotive electronics, 3D sensing, and optical communication push the need for new generations of semiconductors. Compound semiconductors can meet these needs due to their high electron mobility, direct bandgap, and wide-bandgap characteristics. The new Chroma 7945 Wafer Inspection System can control the quality of wafer, detect cosmetic defects, and improve the yield in the pre/post dicing processes. Both sides defect of wafer can be detected in one inspection, which will help to reduce process costs and map merge loss during the inspection.

High-precision Multimedia Chip Test Solution
Chroma 3680 SoC Test System effectively satisfies the test requirements of multimedia chips as it is designed for the newest System-on-Chip (SoC) and System-in-Package applications. The high-precision test system offers 2048 I/O channels, up to 1Gbps digital channel rate, concurrent testing, along with a variety of test models for you to choose from. It supports simultaneous testing of power supply (DPS/PMU), digital pattern, memory, mixed signal (AWG and Digitizer), as well as RF wireless communication.

Highly Flexible PXIe Test Platform
In response to the ever-changing semiconductor testing needs, Chroma launched the highly flexible Chroma 3300 PXIe Testers to become part of your automated test equipment. The testers offer hardware configuration for 6, 9, or 18 slots and integrate four PXIe modules including a digital I/O capture, a relay drive, and two power supply modules. In addition to the standard test modes, you can arrange tests through SLT for much smoother and faster production.

Extensive RF Chip Test Solution
Combined with ADIVIC MP5806S, Chroma 3380/3650 ATE test systems form a complete RF chip test solution. The s-parameter & noise figure functions provide complete FEM/PA/Switch/LNA component test items. The test systems also support Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NB-IoT, GPS/BeiDou, and other (IoT) communication standard and tuner applications for more extensive RF chip testing.

Great Importance of Partial Discharge Test
The growing field of new energy applications requires large numbers of power components with high-demand voltage switching and large operating current. Good heat dissipation and good insulation withstand voltage between the heat sink are key to keep the power components free from continuous partial discharge under working conditions, which could compromise their quality. Chroma 19501 Partial Discharge Tester detects continuous partial discharge (PD in pC) in power components under high voltage operation to ensure long-term reliability of your products.

Chroma also provides test equipment related to optical inspection for heterogeneous integration of advanced packaging, a diversity of semiconductor wafer test platforms, and nanoparticle monitoring of semiconductor materials. Join Chroma at SEMICON Taiwan 2021 (December 28-30) to experience the latest trends in test and measurement. Visit us at booth no. K2976 on 1F, Hall 1, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. We are looking forward to meeting you in person or digitally!