Chroma Showcases Semiconductor Advanced Manufacturing Measurement Technology at SEMICON TAIWAN 2022

12 Sep 2022

Chroma is participating in SEMICON TAIWAN 2022! At our booth, we will showcase our state-of-the-art semiconductor test and measurement solutions, and provide visitors a novel and exciting opportunity to experience our high-precision SoC test systems through MR (mixed reality).

Advanced SoC test solution
The Chroma 3680 high-precision SoC test system meets the testing needs of cutting-edge chips in fields such as automotive and AI, and is specifically designed for the increasingly popular System-on-Chip (SoC) and System-in-Package (SiP) applications. It provides up to 2048 I/O channels with digital channel rates up to 1Gbps, supports up to 16G of integrated SCAN vector memory, and offers a variety of test modules for users to choose from. The system can perform various tests for Device Power Supply (DPS) and Parametric Measurement Unit (PMU), Digital Pattern, Memory, Mixed Signal (AWG and Digitizer), as well as RF and wireless communications.

RF chip test solutions
The Chroma 3300/3380/3680 ATE test systems paired with the ADIVIC MP5806S offer all-in-one RF chip test solutions. Their S Parameter & Noise Figure functions enable comprehensive testing of components such as FEM, PA, Switch, and LNA. The systems also support Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NB-IoT, GPS/BeiDou and other (IoT) communication standard and tuner applications, providing a complete RF chip testing solution.

Versatile PXIe test platform for wide range of test requirements
In response to the changing needs of semiconductor testing, Chroma has launched the Chroma 3300 PXIe testers, providing a highly flexible test solution on par with ATE instrumentation. The testers offer chassis configurations of 6, 9 and 18 slots with a total of four PXIe modules, including a digital I/O capture module, two power supply modules, and a relay drive module. In addition to the standard test modes, the Chroma 3300 platform can also apply the SLT method for greatly improved production UPH.

Guardian of power component insulation quality
New energy applications such as electric vehicles (EV) and solar energy (PV) use lots of power components for energy conversion. Usually, there is a large voltage drop or voltage difference on the power component, therefore, the power component must have good insulation in order to ensure that there is no continuous partial discharge to cause deterioration of its quality under normal operating conditions. Chroma 19501 Series Partial Discharge Testers, which comply with the regulations for Partial Discharge (PD) test, perform the withstand voltage test and partial discharge test by applying an AC voltage to the power component. Chroma 19501 Series ensures the long-term reliability of power components by checking whether any continuous partial discharge (PD in pC) occurs under high voltage conditions, and by making sure that no partial discharge occurs under normal operating conditions.

Heterogeneous integrated advanced package test solutions
As semiconductor packaging technologies continue to morph and evolve, the combination of both heterogeneous and TSVs (through silicon via) packaging technology has led to the advanced development of 2.5D/3D stacked IC's and other advanced packaging technologies. 

The Chroma 3200 versatile platform – SLT(system level test) test cell, effectively handles various defect related issues that may be organic to this type of packaging practices and methodologies. As in the instability of IC surfaces, such as warpage and coplanarity problems, the test platform combines with IC bare die and high precision contact force, combating high-IO count density substrates, along with managing the temperature control of high-power ICs, with integrated temperature feedback, etc. Whereas ultimately, this 3200-test cell solution can achieve improved yields and reduce the cost of test overall.

Chroma has developed optical inspection equipment for heterogeneous integration advanced packaging applications. Insitu AOI helps customers to detect defects in the production process in real time, providing more comprehensive production quality control. We have also developed nano-level 3D wafer automated test systems that integrate proprietary patents, currently used in TSV, RDL and related essential dimensional measurements.

In response to the needs of compound semiconductor applications such as 5G communication, automotive electronics, and 3D sensing, Chroma 7945 In-Process Wafer Inspection System can be applied before and after the dicing process to provide die quality control and analysis of yield and defects in the production process. Double-sided inspection results can be obtained in a single run, reducing production cost and wafer map merge loss during the inspection. The system also supports inspection of large dies such as Lidar and PA (Power Amplifier), as well as dies with edge lengths up to 20mm with an inspection resolution of 1.5μm.

Nanoparticle Monitoring System for Semiconductor Materials
SuperSizer successfully identifies nanoparticles and impurities of liquid chemicals that affect the production yield, helping processing engineers to "see" ultrafine particles in technology nodes below 20 nanometers (nm). The measurement process is completely undisturbed by nanobubbles, accurately measures the size and quantity distribution of particles as small as 3 nm, and provides a fully automated monitoring system to get a handle on yield and control risks.

At SEMICON Taiwan 2022 (September 14-16), Chroma ATE will exhibit a variety of test solutions on the 1st floor of Hall 1 of Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall (Booth K2876), and discuss nanoparticle monitoring technology in semiconductor chemical solutions at the International Forum on Advanced Semiconductor Detection and Metrology. We cordially invite you to come experience new trends in the measurement field and look forward to meeting you on the exhibition floor!