Graphical User Interface - SoftPanel Model 61600

Key Features
  • Single-phase/three-phase modes
  • Simulates three-phase unbalance
  • Provides Auto Run for long-term repetitive testing
  • Supports report function
  • Supports GPIB/RS-232C/USB/Ethernet communication interfaces

Chroma 61600 series AC power sources have an output power range from 500VA to maximum 90KVA (5 units in parallel), with both single-phase and three-phase output capability (61611 and 61612). The 61600 series provide clean, high-grade, and affordable AC power sources.

The software can be connected via GPIB, RS-232C, USB, and Ethernet. Additionally, models 61611 and 61612 also support single/three-phase switching.

▲ Single-Phase

▲ Three-Phase

The 61600 series allow setting of AC voltage, frequency, and DC voltage (used as offset), and 61611 and 61612 can also simulate the state of three-phase electrical unbalance for testing.

  • Auto Run: This function provides 100 sets of voltage/frequency changes for long-term and multi-loop testing and the hold-up time is tested in seconds. Moreover, users can also set internal and external loop settings such as Loop and Count, to perform long-term repetitive tests. For example, the ON/OFF test for smart TVs can be used to test the performance efficacy for multiple ON/OFF states.
  • Report Generator: After selecting the preferred recording parameters, sampling rate, and time, it takes one press on the Report Start button to let this software function start recording.

Auto Run

Report Generator

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Graphical User Interface - SoftPanel