2D/3D Wafer Metrology System Model 7980

Key Features
  • Patented BLiS technology for nondestructive surface profile measurement and analysis
  • Large Area Pictures Stitch function
  • High WPH
  • Quality Control Monitor
  • SEMI S2 certified
  • Applies to 6" ~12" Wafer
  • Semi-Auto or Fully-Auto available
  • Advanced Packaging: TSV, VIA, RDL
  • 2D/3D CD measurement: Overlay, Film Thickness, Bump Height, Step Height
  • Nano Scale 3D surface topography, Roughness

Chroma 7980 2D/3D wafer metrology system provides accurate and reliable profile information. 7980 adopts newly developed BLiS technology and specially designed platform to achieve 2D/3D nanoscale measurement. Purpose-built software is provided for different applications, especially in the advanced packaging. The large-area stitching capability can meet various needs in the industry. The UI includes 2D/3D graphic display for the receipe setting and measurement results.

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2D/3D Wafer Metrology System