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02 Jul 2021

Chroma ATE Launches New DisplayHDR Test Equipment

DisplayHDR is a test specification set by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) for the display industry. Providing a complete set of test methods and technical indicators, the performance levels cover LCD screens ranging from entry point HDR


13 May 2021

[Tech Review] Prevent Li-ion Batteries from Catching Fire with Correct Jelly Roll Insulation Test

The continuous increase in energy demand as well as improved performance are simulating the rapid maturing of lithium-ion batteries in large energy applications such as electric vehicles (EV) and various renewable energy storage systems (ESS).


12 May 2021

Major Taiwanese EV Power Supply Manufacturer Adopts Chroma's HIL Testbed

With the maturity of advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) technology, the proportion of electronic and electrical systems applied to the automotive field is gradually increasing, as is their impact on its safety.


28 Apr 2021

Power Conversion System for ESS - New Test Guide Free Download

Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power often have unstable and intermittent power supply that affects the power grid frequency and voltage. Setting up an ESS (energy storage system) can help smoothen the energy input and increase the grid c


22 Apr 2021

Chroma ATE Joins “Project Blue” to Strengthen Local Marine Litter Recycling and Global Sustainability

Surrounded by the sea, Taiwan enjoys abundant marine resources. However, in addition to reaping the benefits of the ocean, the pollution of the same ocean is also attributed to the people of the island. Chroma ATE has always put its best foot forward in


19 Apr 2021

Spotlight on Smart Applications Chroma's Latest Micro-LED, AR, and 8K Test Solutions at Touch Taiwan

Chroma ATE will exhibit the state of the art in flat display and optical test solutions at Touch Taiwan 2021, featuring the latest mini and micro LED, 8K, and other display applications.


05 Apr 2021

[FREE TO ATTEND] Chroma Webinar Series: Illuminating the Path for Autonomous e-Mobility

Join Chroma webinar on April 22nd and 29th! In this webinar series, we will focus on four major features - Photonics, Semiconductor, Power and Battery - that drive the current autonomous e-mobility industries and are used around the globe.


31 Mar 2021

Chroma First in Taiwan to Receive SGS ISO 26262 ASIL-D Certification for Powertrain Components

Today, March 31st 2021, Chroma ATE became the first manufacturer in Taiwan in supplying automotive powertrain components to be granted ASIL-D, the highest classification of automotive hazard defined within ISO 26262. This certification not only ensures th


09 Mar 2021

Experience Chroma's Semiconductor Test Solutions for Automotive Chip Market at SEMICON China

Experience Chroma's Semiconductor Test Solutions for Automotive Chip Market at SEMICON China


08 Mar 2021

Driving the EV Era, Chroma Leads the Industry in Charging Safety

Chroma ATE provides automated test solutions for EV charging compatibility. The modular architecture has Chroma 8000 ATS as its base and uses AC/DC power supply.