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30 Jun 2022

Electronic test instrumentation maker Chroma ATE invests in EV manufacturer Gaius Automotive

The tie-up helps move the world closer to a net-zero carbon future


22 Jun 2022

Five Technical Challenges for Battery Pack End-of-Line Test Stations

These test phases and systems shown above have created several technical and logistic challenges. Based on the years of experience in assisting the OEM customers globally in testing battery modules and packs, Chroma ATE has revealed the top five challenge


23 May 2022

Prevent Li-ion Batteries from Catching Fire with Correct Jelly Roll Insulation Test

Most fire accidents in various products using lithium-ion batteries, including electric vehicles, occur while charging. The main reason for this is that the negative electrode material (graphite or mixed silicon) continues to inflate (Figure 1) after repe


04 May 2022

Chroma Launches New Solution for Battery Cell C-Rate Testing up to 4800A

More and more electric vehicle manufacturers are looking to simplify their EV's battery management system (BMS) by improving the EV's single battery cell design.


27 Apr 2022

Webinar: Test Solutions Built for Future Gaming Display

This webinar will focus on the global development of gaming technologies that are driving change in the color display industry.


22 Apr 2022

Chroma Joins Project Blue for the Second Year in a Row to Deepen ESG and Accelerate Sustainability

For the second consecutive year, Chroma participated in Business Today Magazine's


20 Apr 2022

Chroma's E-Propulsion Test System Helps ottobike Group Make a Splash in the European Market

From the abundant E-scooters in Asia to electric motorcycles more popular in the European and American markets, many two-wheeler manufacturers are launching models that offer both performance and practicality.


14 Apr 2022

Surge of Energy Storage Station Fires Urges Improvement of Quality Assurance

In a bid to reduce carbon emissions, countries around the world have been increasing their investment in clean energy, highlighting the importance of energy storage systems (ESS) in green power generation. There are two applications that enable ESS to inc


06 Apr 2022

Chroma adopts sustainable practices and drives a new future of carbon reduction

According to statistics from the International Energy Agency (IEA), nearly a quarter of the world's carbon emissions come from transportation. Therefore, in addition to the impact of vehicle-related infrastructure on the environment and ecology, the effic


18 Mar 2022

[Tech Review] How to Check the Potential Quality Issues in the Laser Trimming Groove of Metal Film Resistors?

The metal film resistors (MELF and SMD) are commonly used in many different electrical fields (electric vehicle, EV charger, solar energy/power supply, feedback/control circuit, etc.). The resistors are used for measuring and controlling the voltage or cu