Battery Module Welding Check ATS Model 8700

  • CE Mark
Key Features
  • Inspects BMS functions
  • Inspects open circuit voltage (OCV), DC resistance (DCIR)
  • Inspects consistency of string battery cells

Chroma 8700 Battery Module Welding Check ATS is an automatic test solution for battery modules, designed to inspect the assembly and welding as well as the consistency between batteries in the production process. The application scope includes battery modules for electric vehicles and energy storage systems.

 Main Features and Specifications of the Test Solution

  • Validates the battery module welding condition for battery module production
  • Inspects BMS functions for voltage/temperature measurements
  • Inspects open circuit voltage, DC resistance (DCIR)
  • Inspects consistency of voltage and temperature for string battery cells
  • Charge/discharge power range: 2.5kW~50kW
  • Charge/discharge voltage range: 0V~100V
  • Charge/discharge current range: 0A~2600A

This test system can be combined with automated manufacturing solutions and can be integrated into a battery module automated production line. The schematic diagram is as follows:

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Battery Module Welding Check ATS