Regenerative Battery Pack Test System Model 17020E

Key Features
  • Charge/discharge modes (CC, CV, CP)
  • Power Range:
    • 10kW/20kW per channel
    • 30kW/40kW/50kW/60kW/70kW/80kW (Parallel)
  • Current Range:
    • 60V: 180A/360A;per channel;720A (Parallel)
    • 100V/200V: 100A per channel
    • 100V/200V: 200A/300A/400A/500A/600A/700A/800A (Parallel)
  • Voltage Range: 60V/ 100V/ 200V
  • Regenerative battery energy discharge, efficiency 85%
  • Channels paralleled for higher currents
  • Driving cycle simulation
  • Fast current conversion without current interrupt
  • High precision measurement
  • Smooth current without over shoot
  • Test data analysis function
  • Data recovery protection (after power failure)
  • Independent protection of multi-channel

 Security - Reinforce Risk Management

  • Able to load test, cut-off, and protection criteria to a charging/discharging device directly for execution to achieve multi-layer protection through internal software and hardware
  • Able to integrate external hardware to get real-time monitoring parameters from BMS, Data Logger, Chamber, and I/O signals to execute warning/cut-off/power off protection
  • Able to monitor various voltage and temperature values of battery packs through readings from BMS and measurements on Data Logger; also able to perform instant judgment and protection based on set values
  • Built-in multiple warning and protection modes : OVP, UVP, OTP, WIR_LOSS, CAL_ERR, POW_ERR, RM

 Precision - Improve Product Quality

  • High frequency sampling measurement technology: Max. sampling rate
  • Voltage accuracy : ±(0.02% of rdg. ± 0.02% of F.S.)
  • Current accuracy : ±(0.05% rdg. ± 0.05% mg.)
  • Quick response test technology : 10ms(-90% to 90%) current slew rate applicable for various test applications
  • Support dynamic driving profile simulation (waveform), which simulates the current and power state of real driving conditions to comply with the NEDC, FUDS and HPPC standards

High Frequency Sampling Measurement Technology

Generally, battery chargers/dischargers use software to read current values for power computing; however, limited data samplling speed colud result in large errors when calculating the dynamic current capacity. By increasing the V/I sampling rate and double integrating method, Chroma is able to provide capacity calculation with much higher accuracy. When the current changes, the data is not lost and the transmission speed is not affected.

  • V/I sampling rate : 50kHz (per 20μs)
  • Integrate calculus : I for capacity ; V x I for energy

Quick Response Test Technology

In quick response mode, the current is smooth without overshoot to avoid damaging the battery

  • Current Ripple Noise <1%FS, Overshoot <1%

Dynamic Driving Profile Simulation

Battery packs are used under quick and irregular current conditions. The 17020E system simulates real conditions on the battery pack via the working condition simulator

  • Dynamic charge/discharge power or current waveforms simulate the drive cycle or any real world application. In the dynamic current mode (waveform), the current transition time for maximum discharge and charge requires only 10ms
  • Test steps can specify an Excel file from which to read the stored current/power waveform
  • 720,000 points of driving profile memory available to save the waveform profile in each channel
  • Interval for profile condition changes: 10ms~10sec

 Graphic User Interface - Battery Pro

The 17020E test system is specifically designed to meet the diversified requirements for testing secondary battery packs with high safety and stability. Charge and discharge protection will abort tests when abnormal conditions are detected. Data loss, storage and recovery are protected against power failure. 

  • Real-time multi channel battery pack status browse
  • Icon Manager: Test status of each channel is managed through different icons, easy to read and understand
  • Authority management: It sets the user's authority for operation
  • Fault record tracking: It records the abnormal state of each channel independently

 Software Integration

  • Thermal chamber : Synchronize temperature control with charge/discharge profile
  • Data logger : Temperature or voltage data record that can be used for setting Cut-off and protection conditions

  • BMS data record : Software setting to read data from BMS by data communication unit A692000/A692001. This supports SmBus and CAN bus. The data can be set in the conditions for cut-off or protection during testing

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Regenerative Battery Pack Test System

Regenerative Battery Pack Test System 200V/100A/10kW/2CH/20kW

Regenerative Battery Pack Test System 200V/100A/10kW/4CH/40kW

Regenerative Battery Pack Test System 200V/100A/10kW/6CH/60kW

Regenerative Battery Pack Test System 200V/100A/10kW/8CH/80kW

Regenerative Battery Pack Test System 100V/100A/10kW/2CH/20kW

Regenerative Battery Pack Test System 100V/100A/10kW/4CH/40kW

Regenerative Battery Pack Test System 100V/100A/10kW/6CH/60kW

Regenerative Battery Pack Test System 100V/100A/10kW/8CH/80kW

Regenerative Battery Pack Test System 60V/180A/10kW/2CH/20kW

Regenerative Battery Pack Test System 60V/180A/10kW/4CH/40kW

Regenerative Battery Pack Test System 60V/180A/10kW/6CH/60kW

Regenerative Battery Pack Test System 60V/180A/10kW/8CH/80kW

Regenerative Battery Pack Test System 60V/360A/20kW/2CH/40kW

Regenerative Battery Pack Test System 60V/360A/20kW/4CH/80kW

Regenerative Battery Pack Test System 60V/100V/200V - More power or channel combinations