Battery Pack Balance ATS Model 8700

Key Features
  • DCIR test for battery cell
  • Individual battery cell capacity test
  • Cell balancing test to recover each cell voltage to the specified voltage
  • Programmable test procedures for auto execution
  • Customizable test conditions and reports generation for test results

 Restore Cell Voltage to be Consistent
 with Each Other Through Discharge

The battery pack increases the output voltage by connecting cells in series. However, the voltage of each cell string may not be consistent when fully charged after using the battery pack for a period of time or a certain number of times. This would cause the battery cell to age rapidly, affecting the battery pack's storage capacity and life. Chroma’s battery module balancing system can detect the cell capacity and DCIR, and then restore the voltage consistency of each string by charging and discharging it, which could recover the battery pack storage capacity and prolong its life.

 Single Battery Cell Capacity Test

Constant current is used to load the battery cell for discharge and starts timing to calculate the availability of capacity.

 Single Battery Cell DCIR Test

It calculates the DCIR by the voltage and current of two loads.

 Battery Cell Balance Recovery

The charge and discharge control is used to restore the voltage of each cell to the specified level. It can monitor the voltage and current of the DUT from time to time, also set the protection voltage to link with the security system in backstage.

Other customized features, such as: statistics test data for MES system.

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Battery Pack Balance ATS