Battery Reliability Test System Model 17010H

  • CE Mark
Key Features
  • High accuracy
    ±0.015% of F.S.
  • High precision
    ±0.005% of F.S.
  • Multiple current range
  • Fast current response
  • Pulse current
  • Level 2 V. Protection

Chroma 17010H Battery Reliability Test System is high-precision charge and discharge test equipment specifically designed for high current/high power performance testing. This system is suitable for performance evaluation, life cycle testing and product selection of large Lithium-ion Battery Cells (LIB Cells), Electric Double Layer Capacitors (EDLCs) and Lithium-ion Capacitors (LICs).

The 17010H's energy recovery circuit architecture offers a marked improvement over traditional switching power supply equipment. It features high measurement accuracy/precision, high-speed current response, zero-crossover time for chargedischarge conversion, as well as multiple current ranges, which help battery cell experiments to enhance capacity test accuracy, improve performance parameter identification, and facilitate realistic dynamic current and power testing. In addition, Chroma 17010H has a 200% pulse current output function, a 300A single-channel continuous current, and provides a 30S pulse test current of 600A, beneficial to applications such as power capability and DC internal resistance testing which require shortterm and high-rate test currents, while also reducing equipment purchase costs.

High-current life cycle tests highlight the importance of testing the equipment's energy conversion efficiency. Benefits include not only reduced power demand, but also a large decrease in heat production. The control circuit operates at a relatively low temperature, effectively suppressing thermal drift and extending components' life cycles. In this way, the 17010H achieves accurate and stable test performance. Compared with linear circuit products, it offers more efficient energy conversion and higher power density, reduces power distribution requirements for laboratories, saves operating power and air conditioning costs, and improves space utilization.

Taking into account the diversity of battery cell products and experiments, Chroma 17010H features a channel parallel function with a continuous current up to 2400A and a pulse current up to 4800A, greatly improving the applicability of the system.

With regards to safety, each channel is additionally equipped with Level 2 V. Protection, and an independent measurement loop prevents battery overvoltage when a single component fails, enhancing testing safety. In addition, the system's product maintenance design has been improved: the circuit units are modularized and can be individually assembled and disassembled quickly, enabling convenient maintenance and channel backup.

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Battery Reliability Test System

Charge/Discharge Test Module
Current Range: 300A/150A/30A, Super mode 600A | Power Range: 0-6V | Channels: 1-16

Charge/Discharge Test Module
Current Range: 300A/150A/30A, Super mode 600A | Power Range: 1.5-6V | Channels: 1-16

Charge/Discharge Test Module
Current Range: 300A/150A/30A | Power Range: 0-6V | Channels: 1-16

Charge/Discharge Test Module
Current Range: 300A/150A/30A | Power Range: 1.5-6V | Channels: 1-16