Graphical User Interface - SoftPanel Model 61500

Key Features
  • LIST, STEP, PULSE modes simulate power for interference testing
  • Voltage transient simulation (conform LVRT testing)
  • Harmonics and inter-harmonics waveform synthesizer
  • Parameter testing include current harmonic components of each order
  • Supports GPIB/RS-232C/USB/Ethernet communication interfaces

Chroma 61500/61600 series AC power sources have an output power range from 500VA to maximum 90KVA (5 units in parallel), with both single-phase and three-phase output capability (61511, 61512, 61611, and 61612). The 61500 series are AC power supplies with powerful LIST/PULSE/STEP modes, which benefits simulating power interference testing.

The software can be connected via GPIB, RS-232C, USB, and Ethernet. Additionally, models 61511 and 61512 also support single/three-phase switching.

▲ Single-Phase Mode

▲ Three-Phase Mode

In addition to providing a Fixed mode for simple setting of AC voltage, frequency and DC voltage (used as offset), 61500 also provides the following powerful functions:

  • LIST Mode: 61500 supports 100 sets of user-defined voltage/frequency/maintenance time (period) changes. Through this function, users can easily edit a variety of abnormal grid conditions such as voltage dips, instant high or low voltage, etc.
  • PULSE Mode: Different from the diverse LIST mode, PULSE mode focuses on instant high voltage or low voltage testing. Users only need to set the normal voltage as well as the pulse voltage and ratio, and the below waveform can be easily output.
  • STEP Mode: Similar to the PULSE mode, STEP mode focuses on unidirectional voltage or frequency changes. Set the start voltage and frequency, and then set a ΔV and ΔF for effortless testing.


Pulse Mode


  • Harmonic Measurement: Users only need to set the operating frequency (50 or 60Hz) and the voltage or current source. After starting the test, the software will display the harmonic components of each order with 50 or 60 Hz as the baseband.
  • Synthesize: Users can set 50 orders of harmonic components and angles with 50 or 60Hz as the baseband, upon which the software will display a preview of the voltage waveform. One press on the Trig On button will let 61500 output the distorted waveform, for user-friendly simulation of the distorted waveform in different areas or under pollution of the grid.
  • Interharmonic: Through the Interharmonic function, the 61500 provides both the basic voltage output as well as the voltage component of an additional variable frequency. This anti-interference test helps users find the resonance point or anti-interference weak point of the DUT’s input.

Harmonic Masurement



In addition to the above-mentioned functions that facilitate user-friendly testing, the 61500 SoftPanel also provides immunity tests conform IEC 61000-4-11 (pre-compliance testing) as well as -4-13/ -4-14/ -4-28 regulations.

▲ IEC 61000-4-11(Pre-compliance Testing)

▲ IEC 61000-4-13

▲ IEC 61000-4-14

▲ IEC 61000-4-28
  • User Waveform: Different from the Synthesize function, the user-defined waveform does not limit the baseband to 50 or 60 Hz. There are two methods to define:

Option 1: Set the harmonic components and angles of each order

Option 2: Import up to 1024 data records

When choosing either of these two methods, the software will import the data into the 61500 designated waveform positions (US1 ~ US6). Whenever the user decides to use the Fixed mode and output a US waveform, the distorted waveform will be output.

  • Auto Run: Similar to LIST mode, but this function focuses on long-term and multi-loop testing. The function also provides 100 sets of voltage/frequency changes, yet the hold-up time is tested in seconds. Moreover, users can also set internal and external loop settings such as Loop and Count, to perform long-term repetitive tests.
  • Report Generator: After selecting the preferred recording parameters, sampling rate, and time, it takes one press on the Report Start button to let this software function start recording.

Auto Run

Report Generator

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