Regenerative Battery Pack Test System Model 17040

  • CE Mark
  • Taiwan Excellence 2019
Key Features
  • Meets international standards for battery testing: IEC, ISO, UL, and GB/T, etc.
  • Regenerative battery energy discharge (Eff. >90%, PF >0.95, I_THD <5%)
  • Auto-ranges with multiple voltage and current ranges for optimal resolution
  • High accuracy current/voltage measurement
    • ±(0.05% rdg + 0.05% F.S.)
    • ±(0.02% rdg + 0.02% F.S.)
  • current slew rate (10%~90%)
    • 1ms (<300kW)
    • 10ms (300~600kW)
  • Dynamic (current/power) driving profile simulation tests for NEDC, FUDS, HPPC
  • Test channel parallel function
  • Test data analysis function
  • Data recovery protection (after power failure)
  • Automatic protection for abnormalities
  • Battery simulator (option)
  • High power testing equipment
    • Voltage range: 60~1000V
    • Current range: 0~1500A
    • Power range: 0~600kW
  • Customized integration functions
    • Integrated temperature chamber
    • BMS data analysis
    • Multi-channel voltage/temperature recording


  • Power battery module
  • Energy storage system
  • Motor driver
  • power control system

The Chroma 17040 Regenerative Battery Pack Test System is a high precision system specifically designed for secondary battery module and pack tests. It has an energy regenerative function to greatly reduce power consumption during discharge, and ensure a stable power grid without generating harmonic pollution on other devices - even in dynamic charge and discharge conditions. It is capable of recycling the electric energy discharged by the battery module back to the grid reducing wasted energy that is discharged by traditional equipment in the form of heat, thus reducing the HVAC requirements.

The Chroma 17040 system has built in parallel channels and dynamic profile simulation functions. The parallel capability increases the charge and discharge current and power to its maximum, thus increasing the efficiency and flexibility of device usage. The dynamic profile simulation allows the user to load a battery waveform of a given drive profile in either current or power mode to meet the NEDC/FUDS requirements. Its bi-directional architecture ensures that the current will not be interrupted during the charge and discharge transient state so that the driving conditions can be accurately simulated to be in line with the ISO, IEC, UL and GB/T international testing standards.

Equipped with Chroma's powerful "Battery Pro" software, the 17040 system has flexible test editing functions to perform independent channel tests, and conforms to the diversified requirements for testing secondary battery packs with high safety and stability. It also supports power failure recovery functions that ensure test data is not interrupted.

The test system has multiple safety features including Over Voltage Protection, Over Current Protection Check, Over Temperature Protection, and external parameter detection to ensure protected charge/discharge testing on the batteries. Furthermore data loss, storage and recovery are protected against power failure.

 Security - Reinforce Risk Management

  • Able to load test, cut-off, and protection criteria to a charging/discharging device directly for execution to achieve multi-layer protection through internal software and hard ware
  • Able to integrate external hardware to get real-time monitoring parameters form BMS, Data Logger, Chamber, and I/O signals to execute warning/ cut-off/ power off protection
  • Able to monitor various voltage and temperature values of battery packs through readings form BMS and measurements on Data Logger; also able to perform instant judgment and protection based on set values
  • Built-in multiple warning and protection modes : OVP, UVP, OTP, WIR_LOSS, CAL_ERR, POW_ERR, RMT_RVS

 Precision - Improve Product Quality

  • High frequency sampling measurement technology: Max. sampling rate 50kHz to ensure dynamic measurement accuracy
  • Voltage accuracy: ± (0.02% of rdg. ± 0.02% of r.n.g.)
  • Current accuracy: ± (0.05% of rdg. ± 0.05% of r.n.g.)
  • Quick response test technology: 5ms (-90% to 90%) current switching time applicable for various test applications
  • Auto voltage/current range switch function: multiple ranges are varied with current change that will be automatically adjusted to optimize the measurement accuracy
  • Support dynamic driving profile simulation (waveform), which simulates the current and power state of real driving conditions to comply with the NEDC, FUDS and HPPC standards

High Frequency Sampling Measurement Technology

Generally, battery chargers/dischargers use software to read current values for power computing; however, limited data sampling speed could result in large errors when calculating the dynamic current capacity. By increasing the V/I sampling rate and  ouble integrating method, Chroma is able to provide capacity calculation with much higher accuracy. When the current changes, the data is not lost and the transmission speed is not affected.

  • V/I sampling rate: 50KHz (per 20μs)
  • Integrate calculus: I for capacity; VxI for energy

Quick Response Test Technology

In quick response mode, the current is smooth without overshoot to avoid damaging the battery.

  • Current Ripple Noise <0.5%, Overshoot <1%

Dynamic Driving Profile Simulation

Battery packs are used under quick and irregular current conditions. The 17040 system simulates real conditions on the battery pack via the working condition simulator.

  • Dynamic charge/discharge power or current waveforms simulate the drive cycle or any real world application. In the dynamic current mode (waveform), the current transition time for maximum discharge and charge requires only 5ms
  • Test steps can specify an Excel file from which to read the tored current/power waveform
  • 720,000 points of driving profile memory available to save the waveform profile in each channel

 Efficiency - Reduce Operating Costs

  • Software and hardware integration and customization capabilities including BMS, Data logger, Chamber, extemal signals, and HIL (HIL, Hardware in the Loop)
  • Provides various signal interfaces for a variety of external devices (CANbus, Ethernet, Analog I/O) to support HIL
  • Parallel function within the system up to a maximum of 360kW, 900A (option)
  • Equipped with battery charger/discharger and simulator functions
  • Embedded with high efficiency discharge energy regeneration technology

Data Logger Integration Technology

The 17040 system uses software to integrate with the data logger to read multiple voltage and temperature records which can be used for setting cut-off and protection conditions. The data logger is able to perform sampling simultaneously on each channel, and the data acquisition speed can up to 10ms. The 17040 system supported by the data logger has 120 channels.

Discharge Energy Recycling Technology

  • Bidirectional circuit architecture to accurately control reverse current change
  • Regenerative battery energy discharge (efficiency > 90%.)
  • Static regenerative energy: In compliance with regenerative grid standards for solar energy, current THD < 5%, PF > 0.95
  • Dynamic regenerative energy: Real-time transient current phase transitions avoid contaminating the grid

  • Smooth AC current wavefrom and real-time phase transition when energy is regenerated to the grid. This prevents other equipment from being affected by false test results or a contaminated grid

 Dual Mode Application

  • Charger/ discharger mode: applicable to battery pack testing via Battery Pro operating interface
  • Battery simulator mode: applicable to motor driver/ charging pile via Battery Simulator operating interface

 Battery Charge/Discharge Software - Battery Pro

The software platform "Battery Pro" when used with the Chroma 17040 conforms to the diversified requirements for testing secondary battery packs with high margins of safety and stability. It supports a power failure recovery function to guard against potential data loss.

  • Real-time monitoring: Real-time browsing of the system test status without any waiting period. The test data and system integrated data can both be viewed at the same time
  • Icon manager: Test status of each channel is managed through different icons, easy to read and understand
  • Authority management: Sets the user's authority for operation
  • Fault record tracking: Records any abnormal state for each channel independently

Integrated CANbus/SMbus/LIN Communications

  • Import the Vector.dbc file directly to complete BMS monitoring setup quickly and easily
  • Follow the BMS communication protocol to set the message desired
  • The BMS data can be set in the conditions for cut-off or protection during testing

 Battery Simulator Function

The Chroma 17040, Battery Charge/Discharge Tester and Battery Simulator, can test battery pack and battery pack connected products. When a product is still under development and the supplier's battery is not available, the 17040 can simulate the battery to verify whether or not the system is functioning normally. In addition, the 17040 can control the SOC status of different batteries. Users can download different battery curves to the 17040 to test the DUT for charge and discharge status. The 17040 can also perform battery and DUT collocation evaluation tests in advance that apply to the motor driver for vehicle start-stop systems, light EV electric ontrollers, carmounted chargers, etc.

Battery Pro - Operation Interface of the Battery Simulator

An optional battery simulator can be used with the 17040 to charge and discharge the bidirectional power supply. Furthermore, itcan be used to set the battery capacity, DCR, and V-SOC curve to be downloaded to the charger, inverter, and motor driver tests via the proprietary software included.

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Regenerative Battery Pack Test System

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