Regenerative Battery Pack Test System Model 17040E

  • CE Mark
  • Rohs 2 Compliant
Key Features
  • High-power testing equipment up to 1,700V/ 4800A/ 1.2MW
  • Multiple safety protections for personnel safety risk management and control of battery testing
  • Flexible Integration for automated battery verification solutions

Regeneration function protection for island detection,
energy recovery technology for reducing company operating costs

  • Regenerative efficiency> 90%, current THD <5%, PF> 0.95
  • Stable status of AC voltage during regeneration
  • Satisfy the test requirements of VDE-4105-AE (optional)


Security design for risk management

  • The hardware protection: overvoltage protection, under voltage protection, overcurrent protection, temperature protection, capacity protection... etc.
  • The software protection (optional): battery management system message protection, data logger acquisition data protection, thermostat status protection
  • System protection (optional): Insulation monitoring protection, islanding protection
  • Independence protection: independent over-voltage measurement, block output immediately if abnormal


Flexible configuration of high-power testing equipment is satisfied
for test requirements of energy storage system and electric vehicle application

  • Upper limit: 1,700V/ 4800A/ 1.2MW
  • Two voltage and current operating ranges, more flexible in application (specific model only): 200kW/ 850V/ 800A and 200kW/ 1700V/ 400A

  • Flexible Integration for Complete Test Solution (optional): Chamber, data recorder, BMS data recording/control, chiller, chamber, vehicle ECU simulator... etc.

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